Nancy Campbell

Prescott Publishing is pleased to welcome Nancy Campbell to our line-up of authors. For more than three decades, Nancy has served as editress of ABOVE RUBIES, a magazine devoted to strengthening and encouraging women in their roles as wives and mothers, and now she is dispensing that same godly wisdom in book form. Watch for her newest title, HOW TO ENCOURAGE YOUR HUSBAND, to be released the first of April. Packed with powerful ideas for strengthening your marriage and building up your man, wives won’t want to miss it.

Author Doug Flanders

Doug Flanders, MD

As a graduate of University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and a retired Lieutenant Colonel, author Doug Flanders draws on 18 years as a practicing physician and 15 years as an Army Reservist to craft his action-packed novels. With twelve children and three grandsons, he is well-acquainted with non-stop adventure, and it shows on every page of his latest thriller, THE PRODIGY PROJECT.  In his spare time, Doug likes to read from a wide range of genres and to play Ultimate Frisbee. He and his family make their home in Tyler, Texas.

Jennifer Flanders

Jennifer Flanders didn’t begin writing in earnest until she was expecting her 11th child. He served as her alarm clock the summer she finished LOVE YOUR HUSBAND, faithfully waking her up at precisely 2:48 each morning to nurse. Once she got the baby back to sleep, she’d stay up to write, finishing the last half of her book in only four months. During life before kids, Jennifer earned a BS in Mathematics from Dallas Baptist University, and did two years of graduate work in the same field at Southern Methodist University. She’s put her degree to good use by staying home to multiply (and to teach her kids everything from counting to calculus).

Michelle Kauenhofen

Michelle Kauenhofen has been learning the value of ‘cheering up’ as she navigates the daily joys, and trials, of loving her husband and 11 children. She has been married for 20 years, and has been homeschooling for 15 years. Her 6 daughters and 5 sons range in age from adulthood to toddlerhood. She is richly blessed in her role at home, and also loves her responsibilities as Director of Above Rubies in Canada, as well as the administrator for Above Rubies on Facebook. Michelle’s first book, CHEER UP, which she co-authored with Nancy Campbell, will hit the shelves on January 31, 2012.